Expert Rock Climbing Coaching with Lynn Hill

Lynn is an AMGA Certified Climbing Instructor and certified Wilderness First Responder. Her coaching sessions focus on efficiency of movement with an emphasis on proper alignment, the use of momentum, as well as shape and pattern recognition for planning the up-coming sequence of moves. It is ideal for people who can climb between V2-V6 or approximately between 5.10-5.12a on routes. She will also discuss the mental side of climbing with regard to taking calculated risks, dealing with fear, and how to listen to that “little voice of intuition”. She works at selected climbing gyms in and around of Boulder including Evo Rock + Fitness (Louisville) and the Boulder Rock Club.

Lynn also offers climbing camps on a limited basis upon request.

Want to request indoor coaching with Lynn? Reach out via our contact form and Lynn will contact you directly to schedule your guiding trip and make travel arrangements.