Psicobloc fall

I did end up checking out the Psicobloc Wall at the competition in Park City.

Having arrived from the Outdoor Retailer trade show, I quickly warmed up and jumped on the wall since they were about to take down the holds on the Women’s qualifier route (5.13)

Lynn Psicbloc1 Lynn Psicobloc 2 Lynn falling 55 feet

When I arrived at the last move over 50 feet above a 12-foot deep pool of water, I decided to let go instead of lunging for the top (55-feet) and possibly falling out of control!

As soon as I began to fall through the air, I was reminded of my 75-foot fall to the ground in Buoux, France in 1989!

Though this time I hit water instead of the ground, my tailbone and neck were sore for days afterwards! Nonetheless, it was fun to watch the competition with a bunch of friends and over 3,000 fans on Friday night!