Edlinger, Moffat, Kauk, Lynn & Glowacz

Rock Master Competition 1986
Cimaï, France. Photo by Heinz Zak

Patrick will always have a place in my heart and memories. The times I spent eating dinner at his house, laughing, working together for “Rock and Wall” magazine, and climbing on the beautiful cliffs of Southern France were precious moments of life. Being from the same generation, I was inspired by Patrick’s visionary achievements when he came to the States and on-sighted many of the hardest routes in the country. I will never forget those magical moments when the sun burst through the clouds as he climbed to the top of the final route at the first International climbing competition in Snowbird, Utah. What enabled him to climb so well had to do with his inner nature and sense of integrity toward the people and values that defined his life. Patrick’s love of climbing, nature, sense of freedom, adventure, and his fun-loving child-like spirit are just a few of the qualities that earned him the nickname, “Dieu”. Adieu mon Ami! Your spirit lives on through all of the people your life has inspired!