Climbing Wisdom:

Lynn learns about the preparation that goes into climbing a multi-pitch Yosemite route during her first attempt in her early 20s. Read more here > >

Reflections of 1989:

Looking back > > on some of the events that influenced Lynn Hill in the past

Catching a Thermal, Dec 1987:

Lynn gives an in depth look at European rope competition climbing here> >

The Stone Masters:

Read > > along as Lynn recounts her young relationship with John Long, as well as the values and goals shared by the pioneers of hard American rock climbing.

Journeys of the Rock:

Read> > about the evolution of rock climbing throughout the world and the climbers who have inspired and influenced Lynn Hill.


Get inside Lynn’s head to see her take on philosophy, technique, progression, risk, equality, relationships, attitude, motivation, reflection, determination, teaching, vision, evolution and the future. Read more here > >

Hommage to Patrick Edlinger:

saying goodbye > > to an influential climber.

A Tribute to John Bachar:

John Bachar was an iconic climber made famous from his free-soloing. Read on > > for Lynn’s fond memories of her friend.